Top 7 Secrets of How To Make a Guy Want You For Dummies Even If You Have Low Self Esteem, Lack Confidence, Separated Or Just Plain Lonely!


How to Meet Men

How to Meet Men You Like

How to make a guy want you in the old days was easy. People met at the local church service when they were young, got married and most lived happily ever after. Those days are long gone! Oh how times have changed! Today the internet plays a huge part in how people relate to one another. Both men and women are finding it challenging as they have busy lifestyles and many women are now more career focused than their mums were at a similar stage in their lives.

Where and How to Meet Men?

Places like bars/ clubs and parties have become the common places where to meet men. These are not ideal at all as the loud music, noises, distractions and flowing alcohol makes it a place for the younger generation to hang out. It also a place where you cannot always trust what you hear and privacy is somewhat limited!

For the older single women it gets harder for them as many can’t see themselves frequenting these establishments. This make the whole how to meet men thing difficult and hence drives them to internet dating sites for widows, single mums and so on.

It has also gotten much easier for many men to play the field with some of the most beautiful women around- often much younger than themselves. So why commit to one woman, you may well ask, when it’s so easy to meet women? The availability of men in their 30s has significantly dropped. As a direct result, women in their late 30s, 40s even 50s and more are therefore cutting their losses and settling for second best. They often find themselves attracting older or younger men. Please don’t get me wrong here! I am not saying that dating an older man is a bad thing. Far from it!

Many older men have done playing the field, they usually tend to treat their woman better, and they often have more money, own their house, cars and generally have good jobs. Unlike many younger men, they also have stability, a highly valued factor in a man! To a lesser degree some younger also have this.

Of course some older men also come with their own packages, being divorced, the ex-wife, children and other issues that you may well have to deal with if you happen to follow this path.

It is however, still possible and there is bright shining light at the end of the tunnel on how to attract a good man and keep him. If you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to finding a good decent loyal loving man then this website is aimed at providing the following answers to help you succeed:

• Fast Flirting (It’s easier than you think)
• Older Women Dating Younger Men (Even if you have low self-esteem)
• How to Be a Good Girlfriend (Easy step by step guide)
• How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You (You will love this)
• How To Get Him To Commit (The icing on the cake)

When it comes to attracting the right kind of man you want in your life you need to turn the tables and look at thing from the man’s perspective. Ask yourself! What does he like? What are his interests? Listening to your man and actually communicating, reasoning and understanding rather than shouting and directing him is better for both your souls. Trust me on this!

Although most men are different and their likes and dislikes can somewhat vary when it comes to wanting women in their lives. There is however a few common traits in men that that causes them to be attracted to a woman. Some men are attracted to women’s legs, breast, bums, curves, eyes, face, hair, skin, mouth; the list goes on and on. So ladies, just knowing and practising these keys to attraction principles will no doubt put you way ahead of the rest of the pack and knock any potential competitor from stealing your man right off their feet. It really is the keys to a successful loving lasting relationship.

How to Attract a Guy and Keep Him?

How To Attract a Guy and Keep Him

How To Attract a Guy and Keep Him

The secrets of how to attract a guy is to first know what he dislikes and avoid it as best as you can. Many women try to over complicate matters when it comes to how to attract a guy and make him want you. Firstly, and it needs to be stressed- Get to know your man! Most men hate arguments- they rather run a mile. They hate to ask for directions. They hate nagging. They hate manipulative and abusive women. They hate to be told what to do, especially by a woman. But they can easily be reasoned with! So keep that in mind. Talk to him and ask him, ask his close friends!

Surprise him with his favourite meal! Even if it turns out bad he will appreciate the fact that you have tried. You can always phone for a pizza if you set the kitchen on fire.

Men are not stupid, lazy or a waste of space. It could well be that your last man was. However, please don’t dwell in the past and label all men the same and make this new one pay for your ex misdeeds. If you think this way you may well end up a sad lonely old maid with a life full of regrets. Talk to your man in a soft caring tone that you would like to be spoken to yourself- not a sarcastic, demeaning or caustic one that sky rockets his blood pressure and send him flying out of the door. You will get nowhere fast and he may well want to take a few further steps away from you right into someone else’s arms, heart and bed.

As if you didn’t already know men actually love a lot of things. The top of their list is most probably you. If you both take the time to appreciate and nurture it, you could be living blissful lives. Next time, just take a look at some of the older men and women holding hands and walking in the streets and parks with love that have lasted a lifetime. It’s not only words, it the things like a little nod, eye contact or smile that say it all.

If you are single you must believe that there is someone special out there for waiting you. Sometimes, you may need a little courage to take that first step- the first smile, the first hello, the first touch….

Let’s find out how to meet the special warm hearted person that going to touch your very heart and soul.

How attraction works for men is actually easier than we think. Here are a few key scientifically proven factors you should know about how to make him want you to quickly get you on your way to your dream man.

What Men Find Attractive?

The Truth about What Men Find Physically Attractive In a Woman

What Men Find Attractive

What Men Find Attractive

Beautiful women are easily what men find attractive and if they pay a man some attention or even like him they can instantly become very special to him. Some of the most beautiful women are chosen to advertise many products. So if you are an average looking woman does that mean that you stand no chance at all? Well not at all actually!

Next time, you take a walk on the high street; pay some attention to the women and their men. You will see many average-looking women with some of the most handsome men as their partners. How that is possible and what do they have that you don’t, you may well ask? For starters, what men find attractive is subjective and will vary between men. Yes, a woman’s physical appearance is important to a man.

A hot girl is a very hard thing for any red blooded man to refuse, unless he is gay. There will certainly be more options open to you if you possess some of these qualities. On the other hand, a lot of men are intimidated by beautiful women. They just can’t act normal around them and therefore are unable to pluck up the courage or confidence to date them. Also because of all the extra attention these women get especially from other men, most men just cannot cope with the pressure. Many men therefore see these beautiful ladies as good for the eyes but not for the soul. You know now!

How to Be Attractive

Make Him Feel at Ease around You

We are not talking about facial beauty here but by being and presenting yourself the best you can. Lesson #1 on how to be attractive to your man and make him feel at ease is by speaking to him in a friendly happy pleasant tone. Men hate confrontation and harsh tones of voice. Talk and really listen to him. Look at him in the eyes and flow with his emotions. Cuddle him often. We all need that! It adds closeness and warmth. There will be good and bad times. That’s just life! A problem shared is a problem halved! Men have a habit of bottling things up. Make him feel he can talk to you; after all you are his best friend and lover.

His attraction towards you and yours towards him will escalate if he feels good and comfortable around you. You will also need to be confident in yourself and it will help if you can also raise your own self- esteem or worth. By all means visit the spa if you can, get your hair done and wear the new outfit. When you look good you feel good. Begin to like yourself more because if you don’t, how can you expect someone else to like you.

You are not a doormat; you are a warm blooded, good loving person who deserves all the happiness the world has to offer. Remember, it’s not all about him. It’s about you too and your time to be happy is now. You are not his mum to be at his beck and call.  However, keep complimenting him and he will return the compliment to you ten folds.

Be optimistic and look for the good in him instead of putting him down about little silly things that don’t even matter most of the time. When you genuinely compliment him, it raises his own self-esteem and he will want to be around the woman that makes him feel good like that for sure. Look for the things that other don’t see and tell him how good it feels with positive affirmations. Be the one that stands by him, and his attraction for you will escalate beyond the stars!

What Men Hate or Dislike about Women

Nagging is probably the #1 turn-off trait about what men hate or dislike about women. A woman becomes less and less attractive when she constantly nags her man. The man loses his will to even kiss her because the nagging makes her less appealing and constantly puts him in a foul mood. Nagging kills love and he may begin to think is the garden really greener on the other side. If you are one of those ladies that are doing his head in, I would stop this now!

If he apologises, try your best to forgive him but be firm and let the matter drop and move on. Why hold on to resentment? It surely isn’t doing either of you any good. If you are dating and he accidently spills the wine on you on your first date and you freak out, this is something he will never forget and you may well have lost a good man. If you however laugh the matter off as if it was no big deal, it could well lead to a long lasting relationship. This man will think highly of you and you will be constantly on his mind. He will remember the incident with a smile on his face and think sweetly of you and most likely want to call to see you again.

How to Be Irresistible to Men?

A Confident Woman is worth Her Weight in Gold

Men value confident women as the most desirable or irresistible qualities in a woman they want to be with. A confident woman knows who she is, what she wants but don’t flaunt it. Confidence is not something that you can fake on the spot and a man will see right through you if you try it.

But you can learn and acquire confidence. There are a number of ways you can do this for example, lose weight, and whiten your teeth, wear a new outfit, and new hairstyle, get a good job, education, public speaking (communication skills), learn to dance, sing and so on.

A confident woman becomes more assertive and can say no quite easily without feeling too bad about it. They tend to have very little hang-ups about things and don’t really care what people think. She can hold her own end of the conversation and give as well as she gets. Confident women are stronger now than before but don’t forget to be still feminine and always act as a lady. Acquire confidence and you will really know how to be irresistible to men. Confidence is so sexy and gives you real woman power.

How to Make Him Want You?

The Power of the Smile

The Attractive Power of The Smile

The Attractive Power of The Smile

If you ask any many women in steady relationships how to make him want you they would smile. This is one of the easiest ones to do and it creates instant attraction to men. Most men are simply blown away by a woman’s genuine smile. So ladies please smile. Your face is not going to crack and your make-up fall to the floor like a ton of bricks. Do you know that when you smile you look more beautiful and this can instantly melt men’s hearts?

Your smile can also make you look more confident and the story it says to the opposite person is that you are a nice warm person to be with. Men genuinely want to be around you as it makes them feel at ease and that you are approachable and fun to be with. If you are on a date, a smile to a man comforts or reassures him that you still like him and finds him easy to be with. It will break any barriers and he may well open-up even more to you.

A smile to the man you are married to says, “All is well and you love him more than ever and will face the world together by his side no matter what”.

The power of the smile is one of the greatest assets you have for how to make him melt and want to stay with you so use it wisely to create instant attraction and make men adore you.

The Bottom Line of How to Make a Guy Want You More!

How to Make a Him Want You

How to Make a Guy Want You

Now that you know a good deal about how the power of attraction in men works, I suggest you just do it without too much thought. Too much thinking make it look fake and it may well backfire.

To summarise- Try to look your best without trying too hard, smile more, be easy to be around, forgive and forget but be assertive, and be confident. If he doesn’t call you back don’t act like he was the last man on earth. Move on there are better polished diamonds out there and your shining light is amongst them. Don’t settle for second best. You deserve better!

As you master these principles it will add more value to your life and those around you. His attraction will increase because you have become that special confident person that fulfils all his desires in a woman. This is how to make him want you forever.

That woman is you!

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This article is just the tip of the iceberg and many books have been written on just one topic alone. There is so much more for you to know. If you are coming out of a bad dating/ relationship experience and have made all the mistakes, it’s time to put things right. Simply, Sign up for the FREE Report (Below) now and get all the essential, Key information you need to get that decent, honest, loving man you want and deserve in your life! You will be glad you did….

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How to Get a Boyfriend - Seven Steps to Finding and Keeping a Man
How to Get a Boyfriend - Seven Steps to Finding and Keeping a Man